We believe strongly in engineering as an important innovation pillar and its adequacy fields.

CATIA v5 software allow us to design a commodity from the part math data, increasing success in prototyping and decreasing deviations.


The customer requirement as a design border:

• Standards (Local/International)
• Ergonomy
• Layout
• Logistic
• Attributes: (Weight, size, density, practicity)



Important process due to its goal: to compare different versions of a part to reach a lean philosophy.

• Allows to create a multipart container.
• Saves money, time and effort when its applicated.
• Is the basis on the sequency lines.
• Lowers investment and increases productivity.
• Helps in developing standards.

Implamet | Matching
IMPLAMET | Chrysler

Virtual Product

It is produced when gathering all possible customer’s requirements.

This becomes from the feedback of different stakeholders, design changes are quicker and allows simulation.

Working with many stakeholders can become a better result:

• Logistics department
• Production managment
• Tier 1 suppliers
• Quality dept

IMPLAMET | Producto Virtual

Technical Data

Here is when you can look at the Bill of Material for construction and 2D drawings. We can develop a checklist to heist dimensional and quality revision.
IMPLAMET | Dibujo Técnico


• Unique engineering (drawing) for Request for Quotation process.
• Standard material available in Mexico.
• Documented engineering changes.
• Benchmarking
• Transparent procurement
• We can design your prototype from concept to reality.